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GRE Word List


antiquated; extremely ancient

The meaning of the word antediluvian is antiquated; extremely ancient.

Random words

anodynedrug that relieves pain or trouble; ΑψΕλΑ¦; opiate; ADJ. Ex. anodyne statement
shambles(place or scene of) complete disorder or ruin; wreck; mess; Ex. After the hurricane, the coast was a shambles.
gazetteofficial periodical publication; newspaper
awesolemn wonder; feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear; V: fill with awe; ADJ. awesome
mottledblotched in coloring; spotted; Ex. mottled face; V. mottle: mark with blotches of different colors
ludicrouslaughable; ridiculous; trifling
burnishmake shiny by rubbing; polish
decompositiondecay; V. decompose: decay; break and separate into simple parts
preposterousabsurd; completely unreasonable; ridiculous
somaticpertaining to the body; bodily; physical