GRE Word List


decorative edge of hanging threads; edge

The meaning of the word fringe is decorative edge of hanging threads; edge.

Random words

blanchbleach; whiten; make white or pale
cruxessential or main point; Ex. the crux of the problem; ADJ. crucial: of deciding importance
shuntmove (a railway train) from one track to another; turn aside; divert; sidetrack; Ex. shunt traffic around an accident; N.
encroachmentgradual intrusion; Ex. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time; V. encroach: take another's possessions or right gradually or stealthily; intrude; Ex. encroach on/upon
amnestypardon (allowed by government to political criminals)
incenseenrage; infuriate(make furious); make extremely angry; outrage; N: aromatic substance burned to produce a pleasant odor
comitycourtesy; civility; Ex. comity of nations
theoreticalbased on theory; not practical or applied; hypothetical
inebriatedhabitually intoxicated; drunk; N. inebriety