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Which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks?
Blog post to find which websites use Ezoic, Mediavine and Raptive ad networks. This includes commands as well as a list of all websites using them. ... read more
{ updated: 2024-03-26 }
How to Make DNS Queries over HTTPS using Curl
Tutorial on how to make DNS queries over HTTPS using the DoH protocol. You do not need dig installed. ... read more
{ updated: 2024-03-10 }
How to Download and Extract URLs from Sitemaps using the Command Line
This blog post shows you how to download and extract URLs from a Google XML sitemap and do other things from the command line. We will use curl and wget. ... read more
{ updated: 2024-02-28 }
How to Use the jq Command for JSON Processing
Tutorial on how to use the jq command for processing JSON input. Includes curl and jq commands for getting URLs of photos taken by the Mars Perseverance Rover. ... read more
{ updated: 2024-01-06 }
How to Find SSL Certificate Expiration Date
This blog post shows how to find the SSL certification expiration date. This works for both remote websites and certificates stored locally. ... read more
{ updated: 2023-10-13 }