GRE Word List


strong longing to travel

The meaning of the word wanderlust is strong longing to travel.

Random words

odoroushaving an odor
championshipposition of champion; defense or support; competition held to determine a champion
satesatisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy
incisive(appreciatively) cutting; sharp; Ex. incisive remarks; V. incise: make a cut into
suturestitches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing; V: sew together a wound
exculpateclear from blame or guilt
veracious(of a person) truthful
wretchmiserable person; bad or despicable person; ADJ. wretched: miserable; bad; contemptible; vile
omnivorouseating both plant and animal food; devouring everything