GRE Word List


a piece or fragment of a brittle substance

The meaning of the word shard is a piece or fragment of a brittle substance.

Random words

exacerbateto make more violent, bitter, or severe
repastsomething taken as food : meal
circumlocutionthe use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea
broilto cook by direct exposure to radiant heat : grill
verbatimin the exact words : word for word
cantthe expression or repetition of conventional or trite opinions or sentiments
exposeto deprive of shelter, protection, or care : subject to risk from a harmful action or condition
vestigea trace, mark, or visible sign left by something (such as an ancient city or a condition or practice) vanished or lost
leewayan allowable margin of freedom or variation : tolerance
anestheticof, relating to, or capable of producing anesthesia