GRE Word List


irresistible; not to be escaped; unavoidable

The meaning of the word ineluctable is irresistible; not to be escaped; unavoidable.

Random words

reputedsupposed; Ex. reputed father of the child; V. repute: consider; N. repute: reputation; esteem
codicilsupplement to the body of a will; later addition to a will
unrulydisobedient; lawless; difficult to control
dramaprose or verse composition to be performed by actors; play; exciting and unusual situation
thrallslave; bondage; slavery; Ex. Her beauty held him in thrall; CF. enthrall
impostureassuming a false identity; masquerade; CF. impostor
paraphernaliaequipment; odds and ends used in a particular activity; personal belongings; Ex. photographic paraphernalia; CF. married woman's property exclusive of her dowry
limpwalk lamely; ADJ: lacking firmness; weak