GRE Word List


petition humbly; pray to grant a favor

The meaning of the word supplicate is petition humbly; pray to grant a favor.

Random words

legato(of music) played smoothly
verbatimword for word; in the same words; repeating the actual words exactly
maritalpertaining to marriage
traumatic(of an experience) deeply shocking; pertaining to an injury caused by violence; N. trauma: serious wound; emotional shock that causes lasting psychological damage
seedyrun-down; decrepit; disreputable; having many seeds; Ex. seedy downtown hotel
modishfashionable; conforming to the current fashion
disbanddissolve; disperse; (of a group) break up and separate; Ex. The club has disbanded.
contortionstwistings; distortions; V. contort: twist violently out of shape; CF. contortionist
discomfitfrustrate; put to rout; defeat; disconcert; embarrass; perturb
defeatistresigned to defeat or failure; accepting defeat or failure as a natural outcome; N. CF. defeatism