GRE Word List


capable of arousing emotions of tenderness or compassion

The meaning of the word touching is capable of arousing emotions of tenderness or compassion.

Random words

blaseapathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment : world-weary
cajoleto persuade with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of reluctance : coax
blushoutward appearance : view
multifarioushaving or occurring in great variety : diverse
nefariousflagrantly wicked or impious : evil
impedimentsomething that impedes
formalitycompliance with formal or conventional rules : ceremony
rudimentaryconsisting in first principles : fundamental
decompositionto separate into constituent parts or elements or into simpler compounds
grandiloquenta lofty, extravagantly colorful, pompous, or bombastic style, manner, or quality especially in language