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GRE Word List


short quick cut with scissors; V: cut with scissors

The meaning of the word snip is short quick cut with scissors; V: cut with scissors.

Random words

arsenalstorage place for military equipment
peripheralof a periphery; marginal; outer; of minor importance; not central; Ex. peripheral nerve/interest
inferdeduce; conclude; N. inference
longevitylong life; long duration
distorttwist out of shape; give a false account of; misrepresent; N. distortion
entreatplead; ask earnestly
convolutedcoiled around; twisted; involved; complicated; intricate; complex; N. convolution: twist; one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain
jollitygaiety; cheerfulness; ADJ. jolly: merry; gay
reveriedaydream; abstracted musing
dossierfile of documents on a subject or person; file; CF. bundle of papers labeled on the back