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GRE Word List


hit quickly with the flat part of the hand; N. CF. smack

The meaning of the word slap is hit quickly with the flat part of the hand; N. CF. smack.

Random words

vacillatewaver (in opinion); fluctuate; sway to and fro; N. vacillation
peonlandless agricultural worker; bond servant; menial worker; N. peonage
adaptmake or become suitable for a specific use; alter; modify; adjust; N. adaptation: act of adapting; composition recast into a new form; Ex. The play is an adaption of a short novel.
cogitatethink over; ponder
bovinecowlike; placid and dull; slow-thinking; calm
ovoidegg-shaped; CF. ovum; CF. ovulate
laymanman who is not a cleric; man who is nonprofessional
plummetfall sharply; fall straight down; Ex. Stock prices plummeted.
oracularof an oracle; prophetic; uttered as if with divine authority; mysterious or ambiguous; hard to understand; N. oracle: wiser person; prophecy made by an oracle
homeostasistendency of a system or organism to maintain relative stability or internal equilibrium; CF. homeo-: constant; Ex. homeotherm