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GRE Word List


period of time

The meaning of the word epoch is period of time.

Random words

authenticateprove genuine
reconcilemake friendly again (after quarrel); make consistent (two ideas in opposition); correct inconsistencies; Ex. reconcile one's political principles with one's religious beliefs
stringent(of rules) binding; rigid; marked by scarcity of money; Ex. stringent economic conditions
carnagedestruction of life; slaughter; killing of large numbers of people or animals
unwieldyawkward (to carry or move); cumbersome; unmanageable
courtattempt to gain; seek; woo; risk; behave so as to invite; attempt to gain the favor of by attention; Ex. court disaster
railcomplain bitterly; scold; rant; Ex. the weaker railing against injustices
parameterlimit; independent variable; Ex. parameters of the problem; Ex. within the parameters of the budget
foulvery bad or disagreeable; very dirty; Ex. foul smell/flavor/temper/language/air/deed/weather/means; N. act against the rules; V. make or become foul; commit a foul
bidcommand; utter (a greeting); offer as a price; N: offer of a price; amount offered; earnest effort to gain something; Ex. bid for freedom