GRE Word List


to move in a stealthy or furtive manner

The meaning of the word skulk is to move in a stealthy or furtive manner.

Random words

apothecaryone who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes
pastoralof, relating to, or composed of shepherds or herdsmen
germanebeing at once relevant and appropriate : fitting
reduceto draw together or cause to converge : consolidate
pliablesupple enough to bend freely or repeatedly without breaking
irresoluteuncertain how to act or proceed : vacillating
revertto come or go back (as to a former condition, period, or subject)
libidoinstinctual psychic energy that in psychoanalytic theory is derived from primitive biological urges (as for sexual pleasure or self-preservation) and that is expressed in conscious activity
viseany of various tools with two jaws for holding work that close usually by a screw, lever, or cam
scuttlea shallow open basket for carrying something (such as grain or garden produce)