GRE Word List


to mix in a mass confusedly : jumble

The meaning of the word shuffle is to mix in a mass confusedly : jumble.

Random words

rapporta friendly, harmonious relationship
extrinsicnot forming part of or belonging to a thing : extraneous
sinecurean office or position that requires little or no work and that usually provides an income
ironythe use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning
declivitydownward inclination
suppositionsomething that is supposed : hypothesis
inklinga slight knowledge or vague notion
fulsomecharacterized by abundance : copious
kineticof or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith
canvassto go through (a district) or go to (persons) in order to solicit orders or political support or to determine opinions or sentiments