GRE Word List


characterized by, arising from, or showing prudence: such as

The meaning of the word prudent is characterized by, arising from, or showing prudence: such as.

Random words

concedeto acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly
monochromatichaving or consisting of one color or hue
mogulan Indian Muslim of or descended from one of several conquering groups of Mongol, Turkish, and Persian origin
stalwartmarked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit
tureena deep and usually covered bowl from which foods (such as soup) are served
dissonancelack of agreement
phoenixa legendary bird which according to one account lived 500 years, burned itself to ashes on a pyre, and rose alive from the ashes to live another period
ornatemarked by elaborate rhetoric (see rhetoric
vipera common Eurasian venomous snake (Vipera berus) that attains a length of about two feet (0.6 meter), varies in color from red, brown, or gray with dark markings to black, and is usually not fatal to humans
myriadten thousand