GRE Word List


piebald; variegated(many-colored); multicolored

The meaning of the word pied is piebald; variegated(many-colored); multicolored.

Random words

polity(particular form of) political organization; form of government of nation or state; Ex. student polity
regattaboat or yacht race
metallurgicalpertaining to the art of removing metals from ores; N. metallurgy: science that deals with extracting metals from ores
vilifyslander; speak evil of; N. vilification
prefigurebe a sign of; foreshadow
disconcertconfuse; upset; embarrass; perturb
admonishwarn or speak to with gentle disapproval; reprove
dyslexiaword blindness; learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to read
humorindulge; comply with the wishes of; N. quality that makes something amusing; state of mind; mood; Ex. in a bad humor; Ex. out of humor
taciturnhabitually silent; talking little