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GRE Word List


partial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow

The meaning of the word penumbra is partial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow.

Random words

imbecilityweakness of mind; state of being an imbecile; N. imbecile: stupid person; fool
sonnet14-line poetic verse form with a fixed rhyme pattern
peremptorydemanding and leaving no choice; imperative; Ex. peremptory decree/knock
dribbleflow or fall in drops; let saliva flow out slowly from the mouth; move a ball; N.
hubrisarrogance; excessive self-conceit
vagranthomeless wanderer
cataractgreat waterfall; eye abnormality (causing a gradual loss of eyesight)
hirsutehairy; having a lot of hair
warptwist out of shape; N.
wagebegin and continue (a war)