GRE Word List


partial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow

The meaning of the word penumbra is partial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow.

Random words

backsliderevert (to bad habits); N. reverter
incredulouswithholding belief; skeptical; showing disbelief
graduatedarranged by degrees (of height, difficulty, etc.)
vulpinelike a fox; crafty
ransacksearch thoroughly; pillage (going through a place); Ex. Enemy soldiers ransacked the town.
alleviaterelieve (pain)
vindictivedisposed to revenge; vengeful; out for revenge; spiteful; intended to cause harm; malicious; Ex. vindictive streak
auxiliaryoffering or providing help; additional or subsidiary; N: helper; assistant
terminalpart that forms the end; railroad or bus station; ADJ. forming an end; ending in death; fatal; Ex. terminal cancer
ferociousfierce; violent; N. ferocity