GRE Word List


state of being parallel; similarity; analogy

The meaning of the word parallelism is state of being parallel; similarity; analogy.

Random words

brawnhuman muscle; muscular strength; sturdiness
franchiseright or privilege granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory
motiftheme; recurrent thematic element in a musical or literary work; single or repeated pattern; figure
pell-mellin confusion; disorderly; Ex. dash pell-mell
visceralfelt in one's inner organs; N. viscera: internal body organs; CF. eviscerate
preposterousabsurd; completely unreasonable; ridiculous
quaffdrink with zest; drink with relish(zest; hearty enjoyment); ČÜČ©ČÜČ© ž¶œĂŽÙ; CF. sip
studiedcarefully contrived; calculated; unspontaneous; deliberate; thoughtful; Ex. studied remark
lucideasily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity
tribuneofficial of ancient Rome elected by the plebians to protect their rights; protector of the people