GRE Word List


secure from violation or profanation

The meaning of the word inviolable is secure from violation or profanation.

Random words

impecunioushaving very little or no money usually habitually : penniless
deterrentserving to discourage, prevent, or inhibit : serving to deter
idioman expression in the usage of a language that is peculiar to itself either in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements (such as up in the air for "undecided") or in its grammatically atypical use of words (such as give way)
apeany of various large tailless semi-erect primates of Africa and southeastern Asia (such as the chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, or gibbon)
solventable to pay all legal debts
prominentstanding out or projecting beyond a surface or line : protuberant
breedto produce (offspring) by hatching or gestation
skirmisha minor fight in war usually incidental to larger movements
crescendoa gradual increase