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GRE Word List


scold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)

The meaning of the word chide is scold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong).

Random words

discreteseparate; unconnected
replicatereproduce; duplicate
luxuriatetake pleasure in great comfort
palatialof or suitable for a palace; magnificent
authoritariansubordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will; Ex. authoritarian regime/father
creepmove with body close to the ground; move stealthily or slowly; N.
bluesstate of depression or melancholy; style of slow, mournful music (evolved from southern Black American songs)
patriciannoble; aristocratic; N: person of high rank; aristocrat; CF. member of the governing classes in ancient Rome; CF. plebian
nimblequick in movement; agile; quick in understanding; Ex. nimble climber/mind
similecomparison of one thing with another, using the word like or as