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GRE Word List


stupid awkward person; CF. elf

The meaning of the word oaf is stupid awkward person; CF. elf.

Random words

apostateone who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs; N. apostasy
covetousavaricious; desirous of (someone else's possessions); V. covet: desire eagerly (someone else's possessions)
tossthrow lightly; move or lift (the head) with a sudden motion; flip (a coin) to decide something
sanctionapprove; ratify; N: permission; penalty intended to enforce compliance
conundrumriddle; difficult problem
stoutrather fat; strong in body; sturdy; resolute; determined; strong in determination; Ex. stout stick/supporter
anathemasolemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse; V. anathematize
obsequyfuneral ceremony
mitevery small object or insect-like creature; small coin
mutinousunruly; rebellious; Ex. mutinous teenagers; N. mutiny: open rebellion; CF. mutineer