GRE Word List


a V-shaped indentation

The meaning of the word notch is a V-shaped indentation.

Random words

functionaryone who serves in a certain function
lopsidedleaning to one side
bloatedoverfilled and extended with liquid, gas, food, etc.
checkto inspect, examine, or look at appraisingly or appreciatively
pineany of a genus (Pinus of the family Pinaceae, the pine family) of coniferous evergreen trees that have slender elongated needles and include some valuable timber trees and ornamentals
protractto prolong in time or space : continue
millenniumthe thousand years mentioned in Revelation (see revelation
ulcera break in skin or mucous membrane with loss of surface tissue, disintegration and necrosis of epithelial tissue, and often pus
illusiona misleading image presented to the vision : optical illusion