GRE Word List


tedious sameness

The meaning of the word monotony is tedious sameness.

Random words

aegisa shield or breastplate emblematic of majesty that was associated with Zeus and Athena
sunderto break apart or in two : separate by or as if by violence or by intervening time or space
exemptfree or released from some liability or requirement to which others are subject
embezzlementto appropriate (something, such as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use
scurriloususing or given to coarse language
cascadea steep usually small fall of water
circuitoushaving a circular or winding course
wallowto roll oneself about in a lazy, relaxed, or ungainly manner
censoriousmarked by or given to censure (see censure
abrogateto abolish by authoritative action : annul