GRE Word List


ridicule; deride; imitate often in derision

The meaning of the word mock is ridicule; deride; imitate often in derision.

Random words

amuletcharm; talisman; an object worn believed to protect against evil, bad luck
incredulouswithholding belief; skeptical; showing disbelief
smartintelligent; quick and energetic; fashionable; Ex. smart pace/restaurant; V: cause or feel a sharp pain; N: smarting pain
feral(of an animal) not domestic; wild
loathedetest; ADJ. loathsome: arousing loathing; offensive; Ex. loathsome smell
oracularof an oracle; prophetic; uttered as if with divine authority; mysterious or ambiguous; hard to understand; N. oracle: wiser person; prophecy made by an oracle
subpoenawrit(written command issued by a court) summoning a witness to appear in court; V: summon with a subpoena
caricaturedistortion; burlesque
rationfixed portion; V: distribute as rations
incredulitytendency to disbelief