GRE Word List


not easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite

The meaning of the word insatiable is not easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite.

Random words

heraldmessenger; sign of something to come; V: announce; proclaim; Ex. unheralded researcher
assuagemak less severe; ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger)
ficklechangeable (in affections or friendship); faithless
ratifyapprove formally; confirm; verify
dotebe excessively fond of; show signs of mental decline
austereforbiddingly stern; ascetic; without comfort or enjoyment; severely simple and unornamented; Ex. a monk's austere life; Ex. austere grandeur of the cathedral; N. austerity
knackspecial talent; art
exiguoussmall in amount; minute
incipientbeginning; in an early stage
trimmake neat or tidy by clipping; reduce by removing what is unnecessary; ornament; decorate (round the edges); Ex. trim the cost; Ex. jacket trimmed with fur; N. ADJ: tidy; in good order