GRE Word List


to spread or swarm in or over in a troublesome manner

The meaning of the word infest is to spread or swarm in or over in a troublesome manner.

Random words

dutifulfilled with or motivated by a sense of duty
adulationextreme or excessive admiration or flattery
solicitorone that solicits
accedeto express approval or give consent : to agree to a request or demand
potiona mixture of liquids (such as liquor or medicine)
coiffurea style or manner of arranging the hair
contingentdependent on or conditioned by something else
winnowto remove (something, such as chaff) by a current of air
indigencea level of poverty in which real hardship and deprivation are suffered and comforts of life are wholly lacking
coronera usually elected public officer who is typically not required to have specific medical qualifications and whose principal duty is to inquire by an inquest into the cause of any death which there is reason to suppose is not due to natural causes compare medical examiner