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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word expound is explain.

Random words

mollycoddlepamper; coddle; baby; indulge excessively
gazetteofficial periodical publication; newspaper
fulsomedisgustingly excessive; offensively flattering; Ex. fulsome praise/expressions of admire
gratemake a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect; shred by rubbing against a rough surface; Ex. grated cheese N: framework of metal bars to hold fuel in a fireplace
mercantileconcerning trade or merchants
numismatistperson who collects coins; N. numismatics: study or collection of money, coins, and medals
foreshadowgive an indication beforehand; be a sign of (what is coming); portend; prefigure
plasterpaste that hardens to a smooth solid and is used for coating walls; V.
cavilquibble; make frivolous objections; find fault unnecessarily
piquantpleasantly tart-tasting; spicy; pleasantly stimulating; Ex. piquant situation when my old enemy asked for my help