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GRE Word List


reckon; calculate

The meaning of the word compute is reckon; calculate.

Random words

glibfluent (with insincerity or superficiality); facile; slick
pushydisagreeably aggressive
dronetalk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee; N.
patriarchfather and ruler of a family or tribe
eccentricirregular; odd; unconventional; whimsical; bizarre; not concentric
cremateincinerate (a corpse); N. crematory, crematorium
hyperboleexaggeration; overstatement; ADJ. hyperbolic: of hyperbole; of a hyperbola
nominalin name only; of a name; trifling; (of a sum of money) very small; CF. nominate: propose as a candidate; appoint
stealthaction of moving secretly or unseen; slyness; sneakiness; secretiveness; ADJ. stealthy
siblingbrother or sister