GRE Word List


weird; causing fear because strange

The meaning of the word eerie is weird; causing fear because strange.

Random words

fermentationchemical reaction that splits complex organic compounds; unrest; agitation
functionalmade for practical use only (without decoration); functioning; Ex. functional modern furniture; CF. functionalism
gerontologystudy of the sociological phenomena associated with old age
ingraineddeeply established; firmly rooted; Ex. ingrained dirt/prejudice
wrongheadedstubbornly wrong
acquiesceassent; agree passively; comply without protest
dingy(of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain
awesolemn wonder; feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear; V: fill with awe; ADJ. awesome
wispythin; slight; barely discernible
mnemonicpertaining to memory; assisting the memory; N: device, such as as formula or rhyme, used as a mnemonic aid