GRE Word List


irregular; odd; unconventional; whimsical; bizarre; not concentric

The meaning of the word eccentric is irregular; odd; unconventional; whimsical; bizarre; not concentric.

Random words

noveltysomething new; newness; ADJ. novel: new; original
iotavery small quantity
restitutionreturning something (lost or stolen) to the rightful owner; reparation; indemnification; compensation for loss, damage, or injury
baneposion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
dawdleloiter; hang around; waste time doing nothing
culminationhighest point; climax; V. culminate in: reach the highest point in; end in; Ex. a series of minor clashes culminating in war
quackcharlatan; impostor
scuttlesink (a ship) by cutting holes in the hull; scrap; discard; N: small hatch in a ship's deck or hull
detrimentalharmful; damaging; N. detriment
slovenlyuntidy; careless in work habits; slipshod; N. sloven: one who is habitually untidy or careless