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GRE Word List


wandering away from the subject; V. digress

The meaning of the word digression is wandering away from the subject; V. digress.

Random words

enjoincommand; order; forbid
fettershackle; restrict the freedom of; N. chain or shackle for the foot of a prisoner; CF. foot
fictitiousimaginary; non-existent; purposely invented to deceive; untrue; Ex. fictitious name/boyfriend; CF. fictional
abhordetest; hate
engagedemployed; busy; betrothed; involved in conflict
billowlarge wave of water; a great swell or surge (of smoke); V: surge, swell, roll in billows
jadedtired or uninterested by surfeit; fatigued; surfeited; worn out; wearied; Ex. jaded appetite
fusilladesimultaneous firing or outburst (of missiles, questions, etc.)
putrefymake or become putrid; N. putrefaction