GRE Word List



The meaning of the word blandishment is flattery.

Random words

caratunit of weight for precious stones; measure of the purity of gold
disgorgesurrender something (stolen); eject; vomit; OP. gorge
universalcharacterizing or affecting all; general; present everywhere; of the universe; cosmic; Ex. universal agreement; Ex. a subject of universal interest
diligencesteadiness of effort; persistent hard work
munificentvery generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience
delvedig; search deeply; investigate
slinkmove furtively; ADJ. slinky: stealthy; furtive; sneaky (as in ambush)
circletsmall ring; band of gold, silver, jewel, etc. (worn on the head, arms, or neck as decoration)
plausibleconceivably true; having a show of truth but open to doubt; specious
sucklegive or take milk at the breast or udder