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GRE Word List


become engaged to marry

The meaning of the word betroth is become engaged to marry.

Random words

monetarypertaining to money
implysuggest a meaning not expressed; signify
dapperneat and trim (in appearance); (of small men) neat in appearance and quick in movements; neat; spry
slanderdefamation; utterance of false and malicious statements; V. ADJ. slanderous
disparitydifference; condition of inequality; OP. parity
aberrationdeviation from the normal; mental disorder
menialsuitable for servants; lowly; mean; N: someone who does menial work (esp. servant in a house)
stampstep on heavily (so as to crush or extinguish); put an end to; imprint or impress with a mark, design, or seal; shape with a die; characterize; Ex. machine stamping out car bodies; Ex. newspaper stamping him as a liar; N. stamping; implement used to stamp; impression stamped; mark; Ex. Her remarks bear the stamp of truth.
putrescentbecoming putrid; putrefying
dignitaryperson of high rank or position