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GRE Word List


stir up; disturb

The meaning of the word agitate is stir up; disturb.

Random words

reconditeabstruse; not easily understood; profound; secret
impietyirreverence; lack of respect for God or piety
nonchalanceindifference; lack of concern; composure; ADJ. nonchalant: unconcerned; cool; indifferent; Ex. nonchalant attitude to his debts
tantrumfit of bad temper; fit of petulance; caprice; Ex. The child went into tantrums.
manneredaffected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech
pangsudden sharp feeling of pain
exhilaratinginvigorating and refreshing; cheering; V. exhilarate: make cheerful and excited; Ex. exhilarated by the ride in the sports car
comebackretort; quick clever reply; return to former status
misapprehensionerror; misunderstanding; V. misapprehend
obsequiousslavishly attentive; servile; full of servile compliance; sycophantic