GRE Word List


deviation from the normal; mental disorder

The meaning of the word aberration is deviation from the normal; mental disorder.

Random words

capacitymental or physical ability; role; position or duty; ability to accommodate; Ex. in my capacity as president
shunkeep away from; avoid deliberately; Ex. She has been shunned by her neighbors.
psychosismental disorder; ADJ. N. psychotic
unraveldisentangle; solve
loftroom or space under the roof; attic
culvertartificial channel for water; drain crossing under a road
tutelageguardianship; training; function of a tutor; instruction
lecherygross lewdness; lustfulness; ADJ. lecherous; N. lecher: lecherous man
sarcasmcutting ironic remark; scornful remarks; stinging rebuke; ADJ. sarcastic
impendingnearing; approaching; about to happen