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Play Prince of Persia on Ubuntu Linux using DOSBox

Published on May 01, 2010
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To play the classic DOS games on Ubuntu (or any other OS), you have to use a DOS emulator. I personally prefer DOSBox, which works on Linux and Windows.

  • Install DOSBox- Download Prince of Persia- Start playing

Install DOSBox

Install with aptitude.

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install dosbox

Download Prince of Persia (classic)

Create a directory called games. Mine is located under /home/arul/games.

mkdir ~/games

Download Prince of Persia from here. Unzip and copy the files to ~/games/prince.

Start playing

Start DOSBox first.


It starts the emulator which looks like this:

dosbox emulator

Lets mount the games directory. Go to the DOS shell and type this substituting USER for your username:

mount c /home/USER/games
cd prince

This will start Prince of Persia. You can download and play other classic DOS games the same way. ENJOY!

prince of persia

You can get more games from and Here are some links.

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Published on May 01, 2010

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