How to install Ubuntu 7.10 Edition v1.0 on your Sony PSP

Published on January 01, 2008

This is a screenshot of my Sony PSP running firmware 3.95 GEN 2. I installed Ubuntu 7.10 v1.0 which was released a few days back. Unfortunately there is only a French version. Hopefully the English version will be released soon, so if English is your primary language, you may want to wait. Or just try the French version in the meantime.

psp ubuntu

This is not a real ported version of Ubuntu for the PSP. Its just another a homebrew application for the PSP.

Download and Install Ubuntu

To get it on your PSP, first make sure you have Homebrew installed, i.e. not Sony's original firmware. You need at least 3.71 M33.

  • Download Ubuntu from and unzip the RAR file onto any directory in your hard disk.
  • Connect your PSP to your computer via USB and select USB Conection on your PSP.
  • Copy the folders PSP, PICTURE and Docs to the root of your PSP.
  • Copy the contents of 'seplugins' from your computer to the 'seplugins' directory in your PSP root directory. If you notice any files have the same names, merge them. For instance, I already have vsh.txt in F:/PSP/seplugins in my PSP with this one line: ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx So, I add the lines in the vsh.txt from the Ubuntu extract into the vsh.txt in the PSP. My vsh.txt now has this: ms0:/seplugins/ubuntu.prx ms0:/seplugins/screenshotbmp.prx
  • After all the copying is done, press the O button and close the USB connection.

Starting Ubuntu

  • Navigate to Game -> Ubuntu and press X. You should see the Ubuntu login screen. games psp screen psp ubuntu loading screen

Its in French. No worries if you don't know the language. I don't speak French either.

Enter the username. Press "start" and enter "admin" as the username.

Next enter the password/Mot de passe. Press "start" and enter "admin" as the password.-

psp ubuntu login screen

psp ubuntu username entered screen

psp ubuntu password screen

Ubuntu should start normally unless you haven't copied all files properly.

More screenshots

psp ubuntu system preferences psp ubuntu applications psp ubuntu system administration psp ubuntu system applications web browser psp ubuntu file system psp ubuntu logout

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Published on January 01, 2008