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Samsung Series 3 laptop: How to get BIOS boot menu to show DVD and USB devices

Published on 02 January 2013 | No Comments

I bought a Samsung Series 3 NP355E5C-AO1US 15.6" laptop from Staples last month. It came pre-loaded with Windows 8, which wasn't exactly the best OS for this machine.

The logical thing for my developer to do was install Ubuntu 12.10 over it. Unfortunately, the BIOS did not seem to have an option to change the boot device priority from the DVD drive or USB; there was only one option - Windows 8. It recognized the DVD and USB devices, but just did not list them in the boot priority menu.

It turns out that these Samsung laptops come with a default BIOS setting called Secure Boot that disables changing of boot priority. Once this is disabled, save BIOS settings by pressing F10, restart and go back to BIOS. You should see the DVD and USB drives in the boot menu!

Created on 02 January 2013