GRE Word List


small ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.

The meaning of the word wrinkle is small ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V..

Random words

scrapsmall bit or fragment; discarded waste material; fight; Ex. a scrap of paper/cloth; V: break into parts for disposal; discard as worthless; fight; quarrel
sluiceartificial channel for directing or controlling the flow of water (with a gate to regulate the flow)
vindicateclear from blame; free from blame or accusation (with supporting proof); exonerate; substantiate; justify or support; avenge; Ex. vindicate one's client; Ex. vindicate one's claim; CF. vindicator
maculatedspotted; stained; CF. immaculate
foregogive up; do without
blusterblow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully; speak in a noisy or bullying manner; CF. breeze, gust, gale
centripetaltending toward the center
temporizegain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself
dozesleep lightly; nap