GRE Word List


not lessened : unrelieved

The meaning of the word unmitigated is not lessened : unrelieved.

Random words

expenditurethe act or process of expending
intrepidcharacterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance
disbarto expel from the bar or the legal profession : deprive (an attorney) of legal status and privileges
morguea place where the bodies of dead persons are kept temporarily pending identification or release for burial or autopsy
mottledmarked with spots of different colors : having blotches of two or more colors
potentialexisting in possibility : capable of development into actuality
fakenot true, real, or genuine : counterfeit
claviclea bone of the shoulder girdle typically serving to link the scapula and sternum
emetican agent that induces vomiting
allayto subdue or reduce in intensity or severity : alleviate