GRE Word List


marked by clever discerning awareness and hardheaded acumen

The meaning of the word shrewd is marked by clever discerning awareness and hardheaded acumen.

Random words

whittlea large knife
pharisaicalmarked by hypocritical censorious self-righteousness
expedientsuitable for achieving a particular end in a given circumstance
philologythe study of literature and of disciplines relevant to literature or to language as used in literature
tricksterone who tricks: such as
semblanceoutward and often specious appearance or show : form
discloseto make known or public
omnivorousfeeding on both animal and vegetable substances
mammothany of a genus (Mammuthus) of extinct Pleistocene mammals of the elephant family distinguished from recent elephants by highly ridged molars, usually large size, very long tusks that curve upward, and well-developed body hair
tumidmarked by swelling : swollen