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GRE Word List


suggestive of something (in the past); of reminiscence

The meaning of the word reminiscent is suggestive of something (in the past); of reminiscence.

Random words

ignominydeep disgrace; shame or dishonor; ADJ. ignominious; Ex. ignominous defeat
anonymitystate of being nameless; anonymousness; ADJ. anonymous
retentiveholding; able to retain things (esp. facts in the mind); having a good memory
pliantflexible; easily influenced
colloquialpertaining to conversational or common speech; informal; N. colloquialism: colloquial expression
equanimitycalmness of temperament; composure
fosterrear; bring up (for a certain period only); encourage; promote the development of (feelings or ideas); Ex. help foster friendly relations; ADJ: giving parental care although not related by blood; Ex. foster parents
seethebe violently disturbed; boil; (of a liquid) move about wildly as if boiling; Ex. The nation was seething with discontent.