GRE Word List


having a quarrelsome or combative nature : truculent

The meaning of the word pugnacity is having a quarrelsome or combative nature : truculent.

Random words

innuendoan oblique allusion : hint
paradoxone (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases
incarnateinvested with bodily and especially human nature and form
grouseany of various chiefly ground-dwelling birds (family Tetraonidae) that are usually of reddish-brown or other protective color and have feathered legs and that include many important game birds
mammothany of a genus (Mammuthus) of extinct Pleistocene mammals of the elephant family distinguished from recent elephants by highly ridged molars, usually large size, very long tusks that curve upward, and well-developed body hair
valedictoryof or relating to a valediction : expressing or containing a farewell
tractablecapable of being easily led, taught, or controlled : docile
medleya musical composition made up of a series of songs or short pieces
penancean act of self-abasement, mortification (see mortification