GRE Word List


properly made and complete; Ex. finished product/performance

The meaning of the word finished is properly made and complete; Ex. finished product/performance.

Random words

slitherslip or slide
odiumdetestation; quality of being odious; hatefulness; disrepute (resulting from hateful conduct)
construeexplain; interpret; Ex. construe her silence as meaning that she agreed; CF. misconstrue
coevalliving at the same time as; existing during the same period of time; contemporary; of the same age
indomitableunconquerable; unyielding
voluptuoussensual; of or giving sensual pleasure; indulging in sensual pleasures; Ex. voluptuous lines; Ex. voluptuous life of the Romans; N. voluptuary: voluptuous person
lineagedescent; ancestry
calculateddeliberately planned; likely
mercantileconcerning trade or merchants