GRE Word List


loquacious; wordy; talkative; N. garrulity

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The meaning of the word garrulous is loquacious; wordy; talkative; N. garrulity.

Random words

depositiontestimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
genteelwell-bred; elegant; striving to convey an appearance of refinement; Ex. genteel poverty
inimitablematchless; not able to be imitated
chaoticin utter disorder
aberrantabnormal or deviant
quivertremble; shake; N.
dissolutiondisintegration; reduction to a liquid form; looseness in morals; sensual indulgence; debauchery; ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint; leading an immoral life
farcebroad comedy; mockery; humorous play full of silly things happening; ADJ. farcical
epitaphinscription in memory of a dead person (as on a tombstone)
wistfulsadly thoughtful (because of desires or memories); sadly pensive; vaguely longing