GRE Word List


to force, press, or push out

The meaning of the word extrude is to force, press, or push out.

Random words

fakenot true, real, or genuine : counterfeit
inductiveof, relating to, or employing mathematical or logical induction
officiousvolunteering one's services where they are neither asked nor needed : meddlesome
glowto shine with or as if with an intense heat
xenophobiafear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign
belittleto speak slightingly of : disparage
incarnateinvested with bodily and especially human nature and form
cornucopiaa curved, hollow goat's horn or similarly shaped receptacle (such as a horn-shaped basket) that is overflowing especially with fruit and vegetables (such as gourds, ears of corn, apples, and grapes) and that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance
loatheto dislike greatly and often with disgust or intolerance : detest