GRE Word List


praising; full of eulogy

The meaning of the word eulogistic is praising; full of eulogy.

Random words

carapaceshell covering the back (of a turtle, tortoise, crab, etc.)
scabbardcase for a sword blade; sheath
plebiscitedirect vote by the entire electorate (on an important issue)
rebuttalrefutation; response with contrary evidence; V. rebut: refute; disprove
sullydefile; soil; tarnish; Ex. sully one's hands in menial labor
primategroup of mammals including humans
chaoticin utter disorder
phenomenaobservable facts; subjects of scientific investigation; SG. phenomenon: observable fact; very unusual person, thing, or event; marvel; wonder; CF. phenomenons; ADJ. phenomenal: very unusual; extraordinary; of a phenomenon; Ex. phenomenal strength
zealotone who is zealous; fanatic; person who shows excessive zeal
bequeathleave to someone by means of a will; hand down in his will; N. bequest