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GRE Word List


destruction; V. demolish

The meaning of the word demolition is destruction; V. demolish.

Random words

cloutgreat influence (especially political or social); hard blow with fist
fatalismbelief that events are determined by forces or fates beyond one's control; ADJ. fatalistic; CF. fatal: causing death
idlenot working; not employed or busy; lazy; without purpose; useless; lacking substance; baseless; not based on truth; Ex. idle worker; Ex. talk idly; V.
ecclesiasticecclesiastical; pertaining to the church; N: minister; priest; cleric; clergyman
empathyability to identify with another's feelings, ideas, etc.; identification with and understanding of another's feelings; V. empathize; CF. sympathy
magniloquentboastful; pompous
expiatemake amends for (a sin)
parityequality; close resemblance; CF. disparate
aspersionslanderous remark; Ex. cast aspersions on
parchedextremely dry; very thirsty; V. parch: make or become extremely dry (by exposure to heat)