GRE Word List


ghost; phantom

The meaning of the word apparition is ghost; phantom.

Random words

distinctclearly different; clearly noticed
presageforetell; be a warning or sign of; N: presentiment; foreboding; omen
encumberburden; N. encumbrance
jaundicemedical condition in which the skin, the white part of the eyes, etc. turn yellow; V: affect with jaundice; affect with prejudice, envy, or hostility; bias
parecut away the outer covering or skin of (with a knife); trim; Ex. pare apples/expenses
articulateeffective; distinct; expressing ideas clearly; having clear sounds; having joints; Ex. articulate speech; V: express thoughts and feeling clearly; pronounce clearly; unite by joints
munificentvery generous in giving; Ex. munificent benefactor; N. munificience
rancidhaving the odor of stale or decomposing fat; rank
acrimoniousstinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
succorassist (someone in difficulty); aid; comfort; N.