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How to send SMS freely through email

Published on 01 September 2004

Some mobile phone carriers allow you to send SMS to their subscribers through email. Here is a list of providers with their email formats. If you find your provider missing, please email me and I'll add it.

United States or Canada

If the recipient's phone number is +1-240-2345678 you can send an SMS by emailing the address corresponding to the carrier service.

CarrierEmailMaximum size
Alltel2402345678@message.alltel.com160 characters
Boost Mobile2402345678@myboostmobile.com160 characters
Cingular/AT&T2402345678@txt.att.net160 characters
Rogers characters
Sprint Nextel2402345678@messaging.nextel.com160 characters
Sprint PCS2402345678@messaging.sprintpcs.com160 characters
T-Mobile2402345678@tmomail.net160 characters
Verizon Wireless2402345678@vtext.com160 characters
Virgin Mobile USA2402345678@vmobl.com160 characters
Teleflip2402345678@teleflip.com160 characters


And then, if you don't know the person's carrier, you can also use Teleflip to send SMS to anybody. All you have to do is send an email to if the person's cell phone number is 2402345678.

Change the recipient's phone number : 1-

Created on 01 September 2004

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