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How to eject CD/DVD from your MacBook or iMac

Published on 01 June 2010 | No Comments

If a CD/DVD gets stuck in your MacBook, this is what you do to get it out.

1. drutils eject

Start the Terminal applications (Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Run this:

drutils eject

If that fails, try the next command.

2. disktool

First, find the device name of your DVD drive.

disktool -l

It should show something like this:


Then run:

disktool -e /dev/disk0s1s2

Reboot and hold trackpad

If those fail, reboot your MacBook. As it boots up, press and keep pressing the touchpad. It will eject the CD/DVD automatically.

Last Update: 01 June 2010 [Created on 02 June 2010]

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